“Feedback” received

Had really helpful replies from Charles Russell and Olswang (!).

Dear Robert

Thank you for your email regarding your application for a Training Contract.

Unfortunately due to the large number of applications that we received it is not possible to provide feedback to applicants who have not reached interview stage.

However, I think it is safe to say that the calibre of applications we received was especially high and it would not necessarily have been one particular aspect of your CV and covering letter that affected your application, simply that other applications were considered stronger overall.

I hope this is not too much of a disappointment to you and wish you every success in securing a Training Contract elsewhere.

Kind regards
Angela Meakins
HR Manager

Dear Robert

Due to the volume of applications we receive, unfortunately we are unable to give individuals feedback on their application at this stage of the process.

We are sorry, but would like to take this opportunity to wish you luck in securing a training contract.


The Graduate Recruitment Team

Why doesn’t these replies surprise me?

Different countries’ requirements

Deaf and Driver’s Licenses

It seems that some countries still restrict the deaf from acquiring their driver’s licenses. This morning, I read an article in a newsgroup that Barbados apparently does not often allow their deaf citizens to obtain a driver’s license and they are at the mercy of a government individual who decides if they can get their license or not. I read elsewhere that Jamaica also denies their deaf citizens the opportunity to obtain a driver’s license there as well.
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2nd Experience on Jury Duty (cont.)

jury.GIFTaking notes

Before the actual trial began, the judge and attorneys let us know that there were notebooks and pens on our chairs so we could take notes during the trial. They said it was up to us as individuals if we wanted to take notes, that some people found it helpful, particularly when there are a number of witnesses present, to keep the different accounts of the story separate. If we didn’t want to take notes, that would be fine too. We always had the option of the court reporter reading back to us during trial or in the deliberation room.
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