International Deaf Lawyers

In the summer of 2003, some international Deaf Lawyers had the pleasure of meeting up, at the World Federation of the Deaf conference in Montreal, Canada.


Brett Casey (Australia), Faye Kuo (USA), Alison Bryan (UK), Anne Vikkels? (Denmark), Henry Vlug (Canada), Helga Stevens (Belguim), Dr Adam Kosa (Hungary), Professor Marshall Wick (USA), Jennifer Jackson (Canada), Howard Rosenblum (USA).


Back: Brett Casey (Australia), Professor Marshall Wick (USA), Henry Vlug (Canada), Alison Bryan (UK),

Front: Dr Adam Kosa (Hungary), Richard Sahlin (Sweden), Anne Vikkels? (Denmark), Helga Stevens (Belguim), Faye Kuo (USA), Howard Rosenblum (USA).

Law Office of Matthew Rafat


One of our colleagues on Surduslaw has launched his own website: Law Office of Matthew Rafat.

Congratulations: it is great to see such an initiative.

If you live in the Bay area / Silicon Valley (California), and you are in need of Employment Law advice, you should consider contacting him as your attorney.

UPS and deaf employees

Judge orders UPS not to discriminate against deaf drivers

An Associated Press article was prominent in some USA media outlets as follows:

UPS violates anti-discrimination laws by barring the deaf and hearing impaired from driving parcel delivery trucks, a federal judge ruled Thursday. US District Judge Thelton Henderson said the Atlanta-based company’s practices breach the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and ordered the service to change its policies within 30 days.
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