California Bar

California Bar, Several Projects on Lawyers with Disabilities

Survey of Legal Professionals with Disabilities

In 2003, The California State Bar Committee on Lawyers with Disabilities undertook a survey of legal professionals in the state. One hundred and fifty attorneys responded to the survey. The results are reported online in the August 2004 edition of the California Bar Journal. The California Bar website is

Discovery abuses

This State Bar Committee on Lawyers with Disabilities is also seeking to document failures to provide accommodations during the discovery process.

The committee is following up on the survey mentioned earlier in this entry. Examples of abuses might include setting up a deposition on the second floor of a building without an elevator or failing to provide real-time captioning for a hard of hearing witness.

Pledge Program from CA Law Firms

This same committee is also seeking suport from California law firms for a pledge program to offer opportunities to lawyers with disabilities. More than 100 law firms throughout the state have signed up since the program began in 1996.

Firms are asked to provide a commitment to offer full and equal employment opportunities and reasonable accommodations for legal professionals with disabilities and chronic medical conditions.