Helga Stevens elected

helgastevens.jpgHelga Stevens, EUD Director and a Deaf lawyer, has been elected into the Belgian Regional Parliament of Vlandern.

Belguim has two regional parliaments: Vlandern and Wallonie

Helga was elected for the CD&V/N-VA cartel for a five-year period. N-VA is Helga’s party.

N-VA = Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie (= New Flemish Alliance in English)
CD&V = Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams (= Christian Democrat and Flemish)

Helga got 17,870 personal votes which resulted in a place as number 4 of the 7 elected candidates for Oost-Vlandern. In total 35 seats were won in the Flemish Parliament; making it the majority party in the Flemish Parliament.

Helga is likely to be the first Deaf born candidate elected directly into a parliament within Europe.

Due to her newly elected status, Helga will be stepping down from her current position as EUD Director.

News can be found on the NV-A website.

Should you require a translation of this page, you can use Babelfish, but loosely the translation comes out as:

Our six Flemish person elected oaths 14/06/04 Mark of Demesmaeker, Bart the weaver, kris Van Dijck, Helga stevens, Jan Peumans and Geert bourgeois (photograph) has been preferred in the Flemish parliament and there an independent n n-VA-FRACTIECN n-VA-FRACTIE will form. Frieda Brepoels (99,464 voorkeurstemmen) will succeed Geert bourgeois (133,430 voorkeurstemmen) in the European Parliament. On behalf of the party governing board President thanks Geert bourgeois all voters, candidates and militants for this beautiful result.

More news can be found at Fevlado, and DIY internet translation is:

First deaf person in the Flemish parliament Helga stevens have been preferred to Flemish person elected. She is the first deaf person who will exercise this function. Fevlado want congratulate her and wish its much success!