Sacramento County Jury Commissioner (cont.)

jury.GIFThe rest of the Commissioner’s Letter

Here’s the rest of the Commissioner’s letter from the other day. I was startled to see the fact in the following:

The current schedule for ASL interpreters has deaf jurors scheduled one each Monday from now until January 31, 2005. We can only schedule one (deaf juror) per week as there are a limited number of ASL interpreters available to us and if a deaf juror were empanelled, the interpreters would have to serve that juror on a trial and wouldn’t be available throughout the week.

As a matter of fact, your friend who had to be rescheduled on short notice was because the deaf juror who reported the Monday prior to your friend’s service date was empanelled as a sworn juror. This caused us to reschedule your friend and another deaf juror that was scheduled for August 30th. Because that juror was empanelled, my staff member prepared that letter and hand delivered it to the Post Office so that your friend would get it before Monday. Our records don’t include phone numbers so we couldn’t use our Interpreter’s TDD telephone to communicate with her. I’m glad she received it and didn’t make a wasted trip downtown last week.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience that your friend experienced. If there are any questions or concerns that I can answer, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

Jury Commissioner
Sacramento Superior Court

Number of deaf people called for jury service?

What surprised me about this letter is the fact the commissioner stated there are deaf jurors notified to show up for jury duty apparently at least one per week from now until January 31, 2005. If you take out Christmas week, that comes out to 20 deaf people who have to go to the Sacramento County Jury waiting room each Monday from now on????

And see what happens as what happened to me, apparently the deaf person who showed up in the Jury Waiting room on Monday August 16th was selected for a panel which meant that since my date to show was Monday August 23 and another person behind me due to show up on Monday August 30th had to be sent letters and be told not to show up but to show up later such as in January 2005 on separate Mondays….. At this rate, there would seem to be at least one deaf person per week showing up for jury duty and if they are selected for jury service then that means the people lined up for the following Mondays will likely receive letters notifying them of the postponement of their service date. There has to be a way to fix this system?