BDA: Learn to Sign Week, Friday


“The BDA has become concerned about the general lack of awareness of BSL, as well as dropping standards in BSL Teaching, so has created these new forms of training, support and resources to try to solve the problem. Unlike previous courses, the curricula material is fully accessible in both BSL and English, and is believed to be the first of its kind.”

Friday’s Press Release is the final release this week.

Now if you are unable to sign, go out and learn.

BDA: Learn to Sign Week, Thursday


“British Deaf Association has announced that any money raised from its BSL assessments will go directly back to the Sign Language Community.

After paying the BSL Assessor?s fee, the rest of each assessment fee will be paid divided equally between the BDA and the BDA?s Area Deaf Associations where the assessments take place.

The funds received by both the BDA and the Area Deaf Associations will be used only for further developments of BSL.”

Thursday’s Press Release.

BDA: Learn to Sign Week, Wednesday


BSL Teacher June Smith commented: ?I think the six-week course is great. With the 30-week courses, there is a high dropout rate. Lots of people don?t finish it and it is hard for those with potential to move on. But with a six-week course, those with potential can complete the first course then move on.?

Wednesday’s Press Release.