ePolitix & Learn to Sign

politix_logo.gif“The BSL Awareness Pack was created as an alternative to Deaf Awareness training, and focuses more on BSL as a language rather than Deafness itself.

“The fact that these courses and materials are Deaf-led reinforces the BDA’s position on BSL ownership – BSL should belong to the Deaf community.

“Everything that was launched on Friday contributes to the fight to reclaim our language.

“BSL ownership is very important if we are to take control of issues affecting our lives.”

Link: ePolitix

BDA: Learn to Sign Week, Tuesday


“The BDA Chair, Doug Alker, explained: ?Deaf Awareness is generally formed on the medical model relating to the ear and audiological concerns. BSL Awareness is to do with people who use a different language, and their rights to full social inclusion. The ear is the last thing that BSL users would think about!?”

Tuesday’s Press Release.