Trying to achieve … impossible?

As a BSL user, I am trying to achieve my dream to become a barrister. The words I have used above is trying to achieve where you can my point that I have not achieved yet. What I feel is now, all I see trying to achieve is forever and never-ending.

I always have wanted to become a barrister. I told people I want to study a law degree. Many people said I am not good enough because deaf people cannot do it. How can deaf people talk in the court room? No, they said. It is impossible, they says. I broke down feel so down – low self esteem. I ignore their instruction or advice. I applied some universities anyway.

During studying a law degree at the University of Wolverhampton, I was fortune to able to share with other students to pay for interpreters costs. They have interpreter agency at the university which all students can use their Disability Student Allowance to pay to the University and they can divide the money to pay for 3 or 4 interpreters. I obtained a law degree with a lot of difficulties. People tell me I cannot achieve a law degree. Well I do.
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Access to the LPC/BVC

The single most infuriating problem that exists for Deafies today is the fact that there is little or no funding for terps for postgraduate courses like the CPE or LPC or BVC. Two of our members have suffered from this lack of funding; Alison’s dropped out of the LPC twice because of it, and John has delayed his BVC in order to secure funding. It sucks.

I am the current Chair of the Group for Solicitors with Disabilities, and I am planning to submit a letter together with personal accounts of Deafies’ experiences in accessing the LPC/BVC to the Head of Training and Development at the Law Society, Julie Swan. If you would like your voice heard, please drop me a line.