Third coworker on jury duty

jury.GIFIt must be contagious!

As I was walking into my office building this morning, I noticed an interpreter walking toward me. We stopped to say hello and catch up before going to our respective offices. She then informed me that she is on jury duty this week in Sacramento County. I told her of our other coworker who had stopped by my office earlier this week to tell me about her jury duty summons. Is it the water or what?

Deaf coworker gets a summons

jury.GIFDeaf coworker gets a jury summons!

Now for a pause in my writings on my own experience as a juror! A deaf coworker stopped by my office this morning to let me know she too had received a summons for jury duty! What a coincidence? However, knowing the Sacramento County jury summons system, I am not too surprised as the county uses a socalled ‘one day service’. The theory is instead of requiring people to stay at the courthouse for two weeks as was done years ago, now, with the telephone call in and online checking of the jury pool numbers to see if your number comes up, and if it does, you have to go in. That way folks don’t actually have to go to the jury waiting room except for us deaf people.

Apparently the jury commissioner office must go through a lot of people on either the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ list or Voter’s List as the summons says if you were called last year, you can get off of the jury summons list.
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2nd Experience on Jury Duty

jury.GIFMy second experience on Jury Duty

A few years ago, I received my second notice to show up for jury duty. At that time, I had changed jobs and was working for the state of California. The state allows its employees to serve on the jury and still get their wages during the performance of this civic duty.

I returned the notice to let the Jury Commissioner’s Office know I would need a reasonable accommodation of a sign language interpreter while waiting as a potential juror. They sent me a letter informing me that my service would have to be postponed and they would send me another notification with the date of when to show up.

Despite that letter notifying me my service was postponed, the ironic thing was, I received a notice during the week I was originally supposed to show up, telling me I would be fined for contempt of court because I hadn’t shown up when I was supposed to.
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